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Keeping up with digital marketing updates is crucial for small businesses to thrive online. Now you can stay up-to-date without spending hours reading blog updates online!

Key updates to Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other marketing channels you need to know now to beat your competition

Critical strategy adjustments your business needs to make (or be left in the dust)

Detailed strategy blueprints anyone can follow to grow your digital marketing, even if you’re on a tight budget!

Templates that are proven to improve your audience relationship and attract new customers

Info on the latest ROI-boosting tools (that are often free to use)

Surprise bonuses

“I love how the TL;DR Report is so simple,anyone can follow it and see great results. Every month, I hand my copy to an intern, say ‘Follow this to a T,’ and then watch my profits grow.” – Wyatt Ernst, Solar City.

The Secret Way Small Business Owners Keep Up with Fast-Changing Digital Marketing Trends… Without spending hundreds of hours reading blogs or newsletters!

“It’s like Readers’ Digest, but for the social media and digital strategies I need as a small business owner. I love how little time it takes to know exactlywhat I need to do this month.”

But First… Who am I, and Why Should You Trust the Strategies I Share in the Report?

Have experience helping small businesses find explosive growth, delivering ROIs of 1000% or more in just a few months.

It’s not uncommon for my clients to earn double my fees in the very first month I work with them. After 6 months, they’re earning a minimum of 8 times what they pay me. And in a year, they’re bringing in 1000%, or even as much as 1694.12% what I collect.

Yeah, my strategies work… but for a really simple reason. In fact, I once told a friend why I had so much success with my clients, and he laughed at how stupid it sounded. “Why doesn’t everyone do this?” he asked.

“Because a lot of small business owners are too afraid to try it!” I replied.

See, a lot of small business owners try really hard to stay “trendy” with their marketing. Remember a few years ago when social media started to get big, and suddenly everyone had to have their own Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. etc. etc.? And how most of those accounts became wastelands within a few months, delivering a negative ROI?

It’s not actually the fault of the small business owners. They’re usually too busy managing their businesses to read the cutting-edge marketing techniques that bring early adopters the greatest success. So in a few months (or years), when they hear about a new marketing trend from a friend, they suddenly realize that everyone is doing it! and my business should be doing it, too!

The smart approach (the one I take and share in the TL;DR report) is not to worry about what everyone is doing. 

Instead, I keep a close eye on what leaders in digital marketing are saying, and I focus on what everyone will be doing.

Don’t Follow the Trends… Beat the Trends!

Because I spend so much time reading about new strategies and techniques 99.9997 of small business owners won’t know about for years, I’ve learned to know what to expect in the digital marketing world. And now I’m going to share it with a select group of small business owners.

But before I do that, there is something critical I need to explain.

From what I’ve observed in my own client work and from reading thousands of articles, there are several key factors that must be present if a digital strategy is going to receive widespread adoption:

  1. Accessible to all: This strategy has to be available to anyone who wants to participate, not limited to geography, revenue, education, friend circles, etc….
  2. Inexpensive to start: A reason social media took off? It didn’t cost anything but a little time to create a page and post some content.
  3. Simple to learn: The basics of these strategies have to be so simple, even an intern could learn how to start doing them.
  4. Possible to scale: Rather than produce a tiny boost that quickly plateaus, these strategies have to be possible to scale to the size and needs of anyone who tries them.
  5. Opportunities for excellence: Finally, there has to be a way for a business owner to perform a certain strategy better than the competition. 

There are lots of successful marketing strategies that use part of these 5 key factors, but you’ll notice they aren’t getting widespread adoption. For example, some companies invest millions of dollars to apply advanced data analysis to their marketing. Sure, there is a possibility to scale and an opportunity for excellence (key factors #4 and #5), but that kind of spend isnt’ accessible to all.

So it’s not going to catch on.

The Power of Being First

Can you see how understanding whether nor not a trend will catch on can give a business an advantage? If your business is blogging… email marketing… using social media… automating marketing… retargeting customers… and doing the latest marketing technique, you have a HUGE advantage. Customers aren’t “blind” to your type of marketing yet.

Remember when banner ads were super effective? Now, many people don’t even notice them because “banner blindness” has set in. It’s simply not an effective way to sped advertising dollars anymore.

Social media “blindness” is setting in, too. Customers don’t click links from the pages they like anymore, making it more difficult to use social media to connect with customers and turn a profit. (Plus, Facebook and others have changed the “rules” of social media marketing, making tit way more expensive to be good at.)

But if you do an effective strategy first, your audience will notice it. They won’t be “blind” to your marketing, giving you a clear, noise-free signal right to your customers’ ears.

The information I include in each TL;DR Marketing Report issue will help your business be first, allowing anyone to take advantage to new strategies that everyone will be doing up to two yeas before it happens! 

A Word of Caution

The TL;DR Marketing Report isn’t for everyone. Heck, it’s not even for most businesses.

(Which is by design – if everyone subscribed to this, the advantage of my indiser info would be lost.)

You should not subscribe to the TL;DR Marketing Report if any of the following applies to you:

  • You aren’t willing to invest in your business.
  • You are the kind of person who knows what you should be doing, but don’t actually ever implement it.
  • You expect everything to give you overnight success.
  • You’re too busy complaining about why something won’t work than to actually try it and see.

If these describe you, then I’m sorry, but this report simply isn’t for you. 

For one, the TL;DR Marketing Report is expensive – much more expensive than many small business owners are willing to spend.

For another, I only want this report to go to people who will actually put my strategies into action. 

Do You Qualify? Then Here’s How to Subscribe.

The TL;DR Digital Marketing Report is $47 for the first month, then $147 per month – period. That includes free shipping and handling to anywhere in the world.

While there are no refunds on issues I’ve already sent to you, you can cancel at any time and for any reason.

The thing is, a lot of small business owners simply aren’t ready to put into practice the kinds of information I’ll include in my newsletter. If you’re the kind of business owner or entrepreneur who is constantly “training” but never implementing what you learn, this isn’t the right information for you. And if you think you’re going to find a secret that will give your business an unethical advantage overnight, sorry.

This isn’t that kind of report.

(I’m an Eagle Scout, after all. Shortcuts always backfire.)

Whether you subscribe or not, digital marketing will keep evolving. It’s up to you whether you want to:

  1. Let it outgrow you (and your business),
  2. Spend hundreds of hours of your own time obsessing over every large-and-small blog post in the industry (like I do), or
  3. Stay up to date in just a few minutes per month by subscribing to the TL;DR Digital Marketing Report.

This report is for serious business owners who are looking to creating a lasting, powerful, consistently-growing business through cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

Billions of dollars are transacted online every day.

The people who know how to gather the attention of those dollars are becoming wealthy – much more quickly than anyone ever thought was possible.

Now it’s your turn to know what digital marketing experts & thought leaders know.

Click “Get the Report below to join the informed. You’ll receive your first issue the next scheduled mailing of the report.

Click the button now to begin.


PS: Why not order right now, while this is in front of you? This expense is tax-deductible, and you can cancel at any time. Plus, I try to jam-pack each issue with great information, so there’s bound to be something in every report that will make it well worth the subscription.

PPS: I’ve had some people ask me, “If I’m so busy, when will I have time to read your monthly report?” Well, not to diminish the quality of information you’ll find in each issue, but have you ever heard the phrase “bathroom reading”? Each report takes hundreds of hours to research and write, but it’s written in a way that only takes a few “spare minutes” to read. I guarantee your “idle time” will be much more productive with the information you’ll get in each month’s report.