Popcorn Time’s Interesting SEO Strategy

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Have you heard of Popcorn Time, the Win/Mac/iOS/Android/Linux torrent app that easily streams high-quality copies of pirated movies straight to your computer? Much like The Pirate Bay has over the years, Popcorn Time recently lost its original domain because of its association with, well, piracy.

From their blog:

As most of you may have noticed, our domain has been removed.
This is due to some sort of legal investigation against Popcorn Time.
A legal investigation who’s trying to do everything within its power to make Popcorn Time disappear from this world.

(Emphasis theirs.)

A lot of their traffic undoubtedly came from search engine traffic, as their name isn’t yet well-recognized enough to stand on its own (like The Pirate Bay’s has become).

What do you do when you’re an aspiring pirate startup and your domain registration is revoked?

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